“Is Mileys drug addiction spiraling out of control?”

Um firstly, you shouldn’t be calling Miley a drug addict when she’s perfectly stable.

She’s happy and you don’t see her looking like a coke addict anywhere. You don’t see her being carried out drunk out of a club and you don’t see her getting stopped by the police and getting searched for drugs.

She’s not “caught” doing drugs if her ass is posting pictures of getting high and is doing it out in the open like almost every celebrity does.

Also, no one should be bringing up the fact that Miley does weed and ecstasy when almost every celebrity does worse. Hey, at least she admits to it and doesn’t hide it like some people. And at least she knows how to handle herself when doing things like this.

And this

doesn’t mean anything. When people grow up, they change almost their outlook on everything. Saying you’ll never do and drugs and then actually doing it, isn’t a big deal. Pretty sure everyone have said they will never do something and then actually went out and did it.

Lol these poor losers and them running out of ideas to write about.


Response to “Miley lies about writing Wrecking Ball”

Because Exposingsmg always drags Selena by calling her out on lying about writing Love Will Remember and Forget Forever, delusional stans think that they can try to bring Miley down by saying that Miley lied about writing Wrecking Ball. No, no.

Lets not get too idiotic now.

This video, has been shown to me and someone said that at minute 5:30, Miley starts talking about writing Wrecking Ball even though she didn’t. However, Miley didn’t straight out say “I wrote Wrecking Ball about Liam because he hurt me” the way Selena basically said about the songs that were written because of Justin. With Miley, she talked about writing songs on the album and working with all these different producers and when she brought up Wrecking Ball, she said the song was different from what she originally wrote when she was in Philly supporting the roach. So she did have a part in the writing process of Wrecking Ball but she isn’t credited for it mainly because the song probably changed massively since she originally planned to have it written so there was no need for her to be on the credits since the song is a completely different song now. (x) It was intended for Beyonce after it was changed up when Miley gave it in, but now it’s Miley’s song. It’s not like it was REJECTED by Beyonce the way Come & Get It was reject by Rihanna. And yes We Can’t Stop was written for Rihanna but was not rejected by her since the writers chose to give it to Miley. 

Try again, hoes.