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What can I say? I love dragging people. To be honest, it seems pathetic that I’m making this post defending ExposingSMG from some random trying to expose her when ExposingSMG doesn’t know my account exists. I guess this is my way of thanking her for creating such a fabulous blog.

So TruthBehindSel claims she’s not a Selenator but I mean who goes through THAT much trouble to defend someone they don’t like? Clearly she’s some sort of fan. 

Let me show you how she thinks she’s exposing ESMG. 




Uhm how does retweeting something untrue, proving someone fake? ESMG herself said she retweeted it to see what her followers thought about it. 

First attempt at exposing: failed.

Second attempt

“Angela the girl who runs ESMG is a lovatic, smiler, and belieber but tries to play it off as she’s not so we won’t see her as another bitter belieber stating her theories and c’mon we all know how most smilers feel about selenators and beliebers”

BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????? Angela herself said she’s a Lovatic, Smiler, and Belieber. Not only did she write it on her TUMBLR where everything she says there, means it’s legit (she said it herself meaning whatever she [re]tweets or answers on is what she is just randomly saying meanwhile everything on the blog, means it’s legit), but she said it on multiple times and on TWITTER.


Clearly a mediocre is behind this account. If you’re gonna expose someone, you gotta know everything about them and quit making assumptions. Uh oh, we’re getting off on a wrong foot. 

No one knows who she’s a fan of since she doesn’t get her facts mixed up with her exposing. Too bad you couldn’t learn from that.

Second attempt: failed.

Third attempt



Angela said she likes Selena’s songs yet this mediocre finds a way to turn it back on her????? Angela can bash Selena whenever she wants because she can easily back up everything she says. She said she doesn’t like Selena nor does she respect her so she can bash her whenever she wants. Making fun of someone and hating on them are clearly two different things but mediocres like this one, don’t know that. And whenever Angela says she likes Selena’s songs, she goes it like “It’s a lie” lmaoooo girl please. Nothing will please you. Not only that, but how is what Angela thinks, related to whether or not she’s lying??? jfc

Third attempt: failed.

Fourth attempt


Uh oh. Angela never said Selena cheated on Justin. She said neither one of them cheated on each other but if we wanted to come to the conclusion in which the other wasn’t as faithful to the other, it’d be Selena since she was seen being inappropriate with several guys during Jelena. And here’s where she said that. That entire post is talking about Selena’s fans calling Justin a cheater but she didn’t straight out say Selena cheated. She just thinks she did but didn’t say that. 

Fourth attempt: failed… massively. 

Exposing doesn’t mean accusing others of lying. You actually have to show that.

Fifth attempt


God how stupid are you? There are countless times Angela says she doesn’t know everything since Demi and Selena are rarely in Texas. How pathetic of you to accuse someone without actually backing it up.

Fifth attempt: failed.

Sixth attempt

Regarding this post where Angela talks about how every time Justin is seen getting close with another girl, Selena comes back outta nowhere.


Doesn’t matter what Ella and Justin and Caitlin and Justin and Jordan and Justin’s relationship to each other. What the post was about was how every time Justin was seen getting closer with another girl (reported that he did hook up with them or seen kiss them) Selena would come which wasn’t wrong since the dates are right there. RIGHT AFTER Justin is with another girl, Selena pops up. 

Cute how she ignored everything else in the post like Justin’s lyrics calling Selena a conniving bitch and like the Jelena spottings were written by Selena’s team. 



But Selena and Justin haven’t been in contact and that’s just an assumption of yours to make your fave seem like an angel >.> where is your sources for that little girl?

Sixth attempt at exposing: failed….. again….

Seventh attempt

Then she makes excuses for Za shading Selena and tweeting a quote that Selenaexposed tweeted like an hour before and says “you’re just making assumptions”. No little girl. YOU’RE making assumptions by thinking it’s a coincidence. Za has tweeted and instagrammed several different things that proves SE right. ExposingSMG did not use Za as her source but only to back up with SE said and if this idiot knew that, she wouldn’t seem as stupid as she looks.

But c’mon, after failing 7 times to expose someone, you’re already known as stupid. 

Seventh attempt: failed.

Eighth attempt


Um no idiot, the account you checked was the inactive Selenaexposed account… moron. 



Lol idiot


She swear she’s not a fan though! Lmao the funny part is that she can’t prove that the way Angela does. Oh well. We can’t always get what we want.

Eighth attempt: failed.

Ninth attempt




LMAO but she can bash whatever she wants??? Everyone is allowed to have opinions and she actually watched the movie and hated it but said Selena was her favorite since she was the least annoying but clearly YOU don’t know that. I mean you don’t know anything you’re talking about. And Angela used people’s reviews of the movie aka FACTS. Statistics. Something you have never came up with.



Why are you talking about irrelevant points and making excuses??? What Selena did in Spring Breakers is completely irrelevant to exposingsmg… god is it possible for someone to be this stupid 

Ninth attempt: failed

Tenth attempt


Angela never said she canceled her tour to be with Justin you mediocre. She said that she can’t cancel a tour to be with someone because tours are a big deal and she can’t randomly cancel something like that. And then she said she THOUGHT Selena might be seeking rehab and TruthBehindMyIdiocy’s tweet was posted before Angela’s rehab post in which it was confirmed that she was in rehab not only by Angela and her source but my BlindGossip which is a reliable source.


Someone should inform that poor soul that that picture is old and was only posted by Alfredo to help Selena’s team get rid of the rumors that Selena is in rehab since there was speculation even before Angela talked about. Jfc, get your information correct

Tenth attempt: failed

Eleventh attempt



She wasn’t gonna be in rehab all her life…. ya know. 

Eleventh attempt: failed.

Twelfth attempt




Failed… again.

What attempt number are we up too because I lost count??



Who are we gonna believe, a girl who proves she met Pattie or a random Selena fan who thinks Selena can do no wrong?


Ah the delusion. It’s already proven and you’re just making excuses by saying “but Pattie said this about Selena in this interview” but Pattie wasn’t going to say she hates Selena on live television?????


Best friends????? Yeah that’s why they just started hanging out right now for publicity since Selena can’t use Justin and Demi’s career is doing pretty well. This girl is stupid. Selena and Demi haven’t even been friends for the past 4 years and only appeared at events and now when Selena is fading and what better way to stay relevant by going back to your “bestie” whose career is doing well and brainwash idiots like you guys? Lol you all are so stupid I can’t.


Oh so Selena didn’t shade Justin for over a year and get her friends to attack him on Twitter???? The more you know!


Oh so making fun of someone crying on national television, indirectly calling him a dog, implying he cheated, and so much more, is not bullying??? So what is it exactly? Being happy for him???? Oh Selenators and their excuses. 


Funny how it was reported by many people that they got high together AND Demi said that Selena smoked with her when she was 14. 


Deleted everything?? Is that why there’s a post saying she was indeed in rehab? Ugh you’re an idiot. 


Lmaooo there’s a difference between knowing people and being friends with them. Selena is barely friends with anyone but is randomly with certain people at a certain time in their career because she is known to go after those with the highest fame. C’mon, you should know that by now. 


but Angela is constantly saying that Justin is friends with those girls only. Like why are you saying she’s the one who starts everything? Omg you’re so deluded 

Now the funniest part of all of this is that you took it up with Angela herself and she dragged you through shit while you were just bringing irrelevant points and acting as if this is CSI when you didn’t prove anything Angela said wrong. Instead, you wasted everyone’s time who was keeping up with the conversation. It’s a good thing Angela dragged you to hell and back with this.



Well of course you’re her number 1 supporter. You ARE her. Lol talking to yourself is so 2007. It’s so okay though. Luckily for you, Angela doesn’t know about my account, but she might….. if I send it to her on 😉

xoxoxoxo you’rewrongboo 😉


Response to “THE NEMI TRUTH.”

This blog post is talking about two stars, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.



Hard to see? Yeah, bullshit is quite hard to read sometimes. Whoa whoa whoa whoa, yourewrongboo, since when do we insult bloggers? Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to be a *bitch*. Let me use facts instead of opinions.

To expose an exposer, you need to use facts and not make excuses. You guys gotta prove it wrong. Not point out irrelevant points. Watch and learn from moi 🙂

My little naive blogger, you say that everyone wants Nemi. That’s not true sweetheart. Coming from a person who spends an awful lot of time on Twitter and all the different fanbases, no one cares about Nemi. Demi’s fans don’t care about her relationship. They care about the music, one of the few fanbases that actually care about the music. If they cared about relationships, Demi and Wilmer will be talked about everyday. But they’re not. This is a little awkward.. we’re starting off on lies by the first sentence :\ Poor you.

I’m not gonna question your uh… haha… “source”. Tell your uh… haha… “source”, I say HELLO 🙂 I’m gonna question your credibility. 

Nick and Demi have been secretly spending time together? That’s a little awkward… we’ve only see them three times in the past two years…. none of which have been personal dates. Just work.








And yes in that order. 


But um… Demi has been working on X-Factor this entire year. The poor girl doesn’t have time for secret meetings. Ya know, since her boyfriend won’t be too fond about that.

If Demi had the TIME to go on secret meetings with Nick Jonas, she would have used that time to work on her new album (where she said she barely worked on here ( ~3:10 if you want the specific time :)~ since she had no time being all caught up with X-Factor and stuff. So she doesn’t have time to go to the studio to work on HER album, explain to me why she has so much time to chat up with Nick Jonas on secret meetings?)

Lol you can kinda feel the awkwardness right now. 

Then you basically blame Demi for the Jonas Brothers breakup. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO girl. Demi hasn’t been near the Jonas Brothers when they announced their breakup. In fact, she wasn’t seen with them since the TCAs way back in August before the Jonas Brothers breakup was announced so I think you should pat yourself on the back because you tried. You failed, but you tried. 

Also, Nick has a girlfriend or whatever he’s doing with that girl. Demi also has a boyfriend. Demi and Nick could not have been secretly hanging out since Demi is needed twice a week on X-Factor and during the rest of the week, she’s doing photoshoots, videoshoots, interviews, and performances. OH and she was promoting her book. Exactly when did Nick fit in between that schedule?

And Kevin and Joe like Demi, hence their healthy relationship especially between Demi and Kevin. 

And with Joe? Lol the guy exposed their weed session and they’re STILL friends. I mean hello


They’re doing WeDay together if you haven’t been informed. Also did I mention that Demi didn’t see the Jonas Brothers anytime since August and now? Why yes I did. 

Then you basically said that Demi wanted to spend time with Nick since Miley and Selena are always busy. LMFAOOOOO girl (again). Demi and Selena aren’t really friends and there’s conflict going on between Miley and Demi right now. Neither one of those 3 are together unless there’s something in for Selena which explains Delena. 


Dms from your source? ExposingSMG taught you! 

Funny how you said Demi threatened to tell that Joe made her smoke weed. And when was this little fight of theirs since they’re good friends even after JOE exposed the weed scenario. YOU said Demi was gonna expose it but JOE EXPOSED IT. Where does that leave you?


Not only did Joe expose that, he also said that MILEY AND DEMI P R E S S U R E D him. So much for Demi exposing it?

But I’m really curious to know when this fight with Joe and Demi started? When they were friends in August or during Demi’s two hours of free time in between her hectic work schedule? At least make it believable and say that this happened at one of the X-Factor shows (even though the 3 of the Jonas Brothers weren’t there) or at Demi’s concert or at the TCAs. Instead, you say at their secret studio meetings in which none are photographed leaving with the other. 


Uh oh… I have a feeling that’s gonna be you when you think about whether or not you wanna dare to write a blog post again full of shit. At least make it SOUND believable.

Quick recap?

Funny how you said they were meeting up secretly and yet there are no sights of them by fans or any photos or any reports or any reports of them being in the same state or any TIME for Demi to be near Nick.

Funny how said that Demi wants to hang out with Nick since Selena and Miley are always busy as if those three are the bestest of friends.

A lot of things are funny… a lot of things.

Also sweetie, you can’t make an expose blog and only have a source to back it up. You have to have solid proof of from whom you’re exposing.For example, ExposingSMG. Never has she had a post where only her source is backed up as proof. Pictures of sightings are included. Interviews to prove relationships between the stars are included. Lyrics to confirm situations. ACTIONS. All you have are… dms. 

Good luck on your next post, but remember




I’m back.

I’m only back when I’m needed. The last time I’ve been on was over a month. And in that time, a little fellow decieded to pop up 🙂 

I’ve gotten rid of an account that attempted to exposed Miley Cyrus.

Now, it’s time to get rid of an account that’s ATTEMPTING to expose Demi Lovato.

Whether or not you choose to come back like the first victim, I will make sure of two things. Two things will happen. 

1. You will lose credibility.

2. You won’t be back.

Usually the first step happens and then the second one happens as well. Like the domino effect huh?

Haha. Fun fun fun fun

Let me get started! 🙂


Your experience with Miley? Lets not start an exposing blog with lies now.

It’s quite said that you’re a wannabe exposingsmg but what’s even sadder is that you’re starting off your expose blog by lying.

Writing an experience saying you met Miley with no actual proof to back it up but a m&g photo THAT ANYONE CAN FIND ON GOOGLE, is quite sad.

Firstly, ALL of your first posts were wrong as I proven on this blog. And now you randomly come up with an “expierence”.

Funny because I found your personal account and you HATE Miley and think that she’s a stupid whore. I don’t wanna expose your username too fast because I wanna have fun with knowing your account.


Aw look at you agreeing to what that idiot said. Funny because Miley is like the only celebrity who HASN’T dissed Justin.


Clearly, you’re just doing this out of spite because you’re… well god knows what’s wrong with you.

So no, a few years ago you would not have supported her if you didn’t have this imaginary experience because you claim that she has become crazy and ruined everything. And when talking about your dislike with Miley with that girl, you would have surely brought up your experience… if it was true.

Your psychotic ass then goes and uses this video as your proof of her being rude. LMFAOOOOOOOO. Girl. Clearly, in the video, you see this weirdo calling Miley, ugly, stupid, and whatever else. She wasn’t gonna stop and take pictures and give autographs to a psychopath. And before he insulted her, she was like “Hi, how are you” to a fan. LIKE LMFAO WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE to anything with putting that video. And I actually love that video since I use it to laugh because that guy sounds so pathetic.

Your next video as evidence was this, which is pathetic on your part because you’re completely uneducated on that Miley week. Firstly, she had NO time to say hi to anyone because that was the week that she was like on zero sleep. She was flying for one city to another in one night. That was the week We Can’t Stop was getting released so she was going all over the world. She waved to the fans she couldn’t meet because she had to get inside to GMA…. to MEET FANS when she had time



Yes you should feel stupid. You didn’t even mention that when using that day as proof LMFAO.

And how is this, her being rude to fans? It was ONE fan and she took the photo with her but told her to hurry up because her friends were gonna get pissed? Um, last I checked, celebrities aren’t supposed to have a 10 hour conversation with you. SHE TOOK THE PHOTO. What else do you want? A check? Her house? Seriously.

And this, she stopped to talk with the two little girls. She didn’t take a photo with them because they DIDN’T ASK, but she stopped to talk to them like what else is she supposed to do? She’s hanging out with her friends. She doesn’t need to spend 10 minutes with each fan. She still talked to the fans like seriously, you’re pathetic.

Your proof isn’t even weak because there’s no proof to begin with. Your post just shows you’re desperate for a post.

And celebrities have been rude at least 3 times when stopped for photos. In the end, they wanna live their life. At least with Miley, it’s not a constant thing.

Miley is one of those celebrities that would do anything for her fans I mean look at the way she talks about them



Like seriously. And she actually looks like she has emotions when meeting fans


f (2)

f (3)

And actually, these upcoming photos, are taken by a fan who was there and said that Miley came out in the rain to meet them and was talking to every single fan there

1 2 3 4

Yeah.. look at your post against mine.



I mean


but you can keep up this useless blog of yours as I will keep mine.

What’s your next post gonna be? MILEY AT THE VMAS? LMAOOO.






I’m not ExposingSMG but nice try. I just wanted to have this blog because I wanted to show you how I, some random fan of Miley’s and others, could easily prove you wrong. Now imagine what an owner of an entire expose blog can do. Yeah.

Firstly, ExposingSMG isn’t even overly biased if she never lies about anything that happens and always includes proof, plus gives credit where credit is due. 

Don’t start contradicting yourself by saying that ExposingSMG talks about Selena’s teeth and looks and then go on to say you’re not one to talk about looks and then go on to throw shade at Miley’s looks by saying she lacks it in the looks department. 

Hun, this is Miley


and this is Selena


Don’t say Miley lacks in the looks department when she doesn’t have greasy skin, or greasy hair, or yellow fucking teeth. 


Selena’s teeth is brought up on ExposingSMG’s by the hundreds of people who ask her questions since she ain’t a flop like your ass. I would know since I stalk her page because I’m a fan of her account and I talked to her on kik. That’s the only time Selena’s teeth come up and you knowing that means that your ass stalks her account as well. 

And talk about yourself bitch when saying ‘when you run an exposing blog, not everything will be 100% correct’. LMFAO SIS, YOU’RE NOT EXPOSING IF YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT’S OBVIOUS AND THAT NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT.

NOT you framing Miley for saying that she wrote Wrecking Ball when she didn’t; and then you try to make it sound like she did.

NOT you talking about drug abuse when Miley is only seen doing  WEED, something everyone fucking does.

NOT you talking about as if not knowing a One Direction song is a big deal.

NOT you talking about fake information and accusing Miley of being kicked out of Hotel Transylvania.

None of this shit is exposing nor is it entertaining, nor is it even accurately true.

You wanna ask ExposingSMG anything about the Demi, Nick, Miley, Justin, alcohol, Charity, fans, issue???? Go ahead sis! She’ll provide your ass with videos and pictures and actual proof you try hard. 

And Selenaexposed isn’t even their source. Selenaexposed has been useless for like 3 months right now and the exposed topic still exists. And what kind of predictable selena standard type of comeback when you’re talking shit about the voicemail but ExposingSMG, someone who was here before selenaexposed, NEVER promised it. You basically said that I’m right because “exposing is not 100% true” and then went on to say I’m wrong when you can’t deny facts sweetheart. 

ExposingSMG is the first Selena expose blog so yes bitch, they are the first blog to expose her. 

AND lmfaoooooo, how ya gonna say that this


is ExposingSMG when they don’t know you exist???? It’s been ME the whole time hun. That’s not my account but thanks for being too overly delusional to think that you and your flop account, actually matter around here. 

And the only reason I brought up Selena fucking a minor, was to deal with your psychotic story of how Miley was kicked out of the movie for being too scandalous. HUN, Miley has been scandalous since her ass was 14 so nothing she does should surprise anyone.

Miley dating someone who was 5 years older than her when she was 15, isn’t a big deal if all you see them doing is WALKING together. You don’t see shit like this from a bitch who says she wants to be a role model



And her parents approved of him, Justin Gaston, since he was a family friend.  

And since when are you surprised that Miley gave that old dude a lap dance? LMFAOOO AS IF EVERY OTHER STAR HASN’T BEEN CAUGHT GIVING A LAP DANCE. 

Really looking forward to your next post



also, remember that time you said you don’t know who ExposingSMG was on ask? LMFAO. Funny because you used THEIR reaction picture, THEIR name, THEIR website for proving song writers, and then went on to explain about how they’re a copy of Selenaexposed even though they were here before. Remember? Fun times right 🙂 And oh, then you went on to delete it along with the thousand other questions *I* sent you because you didn’t have a reply to them. 

Oh and remember that time you asked yourself questions


Or how about this


LMFAOOO GIRL, Miley is like one of the few celebrities to not get accused of being fake to her fans because that’s just an argument you can’t win. 

Hopefully you keep this blog going and won’t shut it down when these following accounts find you:










and whoever else out there that can and will drag your ass.

Have fun! 


“Miley was kicked out of Hotel Transylvania”

No Miley was not kicked out of Hotel Transylvania. And you saying that she was kicked out for these photos, is just bullshit for many reasons that I will go on to explain. 





Hotel Transylvania has been in production since 2006 and Miley got the part in late 2011 which was when SEVERAL Miley scandals took place. Therefore her joking around with a penis cake at her boyfriend’s birthday party, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

The real reason she LEFT Hotel Transylvania was because she didn’t want to work on acting anymore since she hates it (said in 2013). She wanted all of 2012 to be focused on MUSIC. That’s when the writing and recording began for Bangerz. And Miley herself said that she doesn’t want to go back to acting ever again. And 2012 was the year LOL was coming out and that was scraped for a limited release as was So Undercover so Miley didn’t want to go through the process of promoting and dealing with Hotel Transylvania when all she wanted to focus on during 2012, was her pilates, music, and dogs. Sony Pic­tures Ani­ma­tion, the pro­duc­tion stu­dio, said they don’t want to comment on why Miley LEFT the movie which implies that Miley chose the decision to leave. It doesn’t say “Sony Pic­tures Ani­ma­tion, the pro­duc­tion stu­dio, wouldn’t comment on why they kicked Cyrus out of the movie.”

So my sweet darling, you shouldn’t be talking shit about something you know nothing about. 

And anyways, Miley’s replacement was Selena Gomez who in 2011, wasn’t exactly a saint when compared to Miley. Selena got the role in Feb. 2012 so all of these upcoming events, were in 2011 


Yeah looking at that makes Miley and the penis cake seem like not a big deal.

SO, if you are saying that Miley got kicked out Hotel Transylvania thanks to those penis cake photos, then surely her replacement wouldn’t be Selena Gomez, someone who was fucking a minor. 

ooo kill em. 


“Miley pretended she doesn’t know 1D”

Um that’s not her saying she doesn’t know 1D. That’s her saying she never heard a 1D song that implies she knows who they are if she knows what they are; singers.

You stupid fuck.

Whether or not she listened to a 1D song, shouldn’t concern you. One Direction’s music is not fucking religious chants that everyone in the world must know.

And how is Miley not knowing a Jay Z song in 2009, make her fake? Miley didn’t write Party in the USA and she admitted to not writing the song so exactly how is her not knowing a Jay Z song, a big deal? Jay Z isn’t fucking God. Not everyone has to listen to what he said. 

Keep trying.