What can I say? I love dragging people. To be honest, it seems pathetic that I’m making this post defending ExposingSMG from some random trying to expose her when ExposingSMG doesn’t know my account exists. I guess this is my way of thanking her for creating such a fabulous blog.

So TruthBehindSel claims she’s not a Selenator but I mean who goes through THAT much trouble to defend someone they don’t like? Clearly she’s some sort of fan. 

Let me show you how she thinks she’s exposing ESMG. 




Uhm how does retweeting something untrue, proving someone fake? ESMG herself said she retweeted it to see what her followers thought about it. 

First attempt at exposing: failed.

Second attempt

“Angela the girl who runs ESMG is a lovatic, smiler, and belieber but tries to play it off as she’s not so we won’t see her as another bitter belieber stating her theories and c’mon we all know how most smilers feel about selenators and beliebers”

BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????? Angela herself said she’s a Lovatic, Smiler, and Belieber. Not only did she write it on her TUMBLR where everything she says there, means it’s legit (she said it herself meaning whatever she [re]tweets or answers on is what she is just randomly saying meanwhile everything on the blog, means it’s legit), but she said it on multiple times and on TWITTER.


Clearly a mediocre is behind this account. If you’re gonna expose someone, you gotta know everything about them and quit making assumptions. Uh oh, we’re getting off on a wrong foot. 

No one knows who she’s a fan of since she doesn’t get her facts mixed up with her exposing. Too bad you couldn’t learn from that.

Second attempt: failed.

Third attempt



Angela said she likes Selena’s songs yet this mediocre finds a way to turn it back on her????? Angela can bash Selena whenever she wants because she can easily back up everything she says. She said she doesn’t like Selena nor does she respect her so she can bash her whenever she wants. Making fun of someone and hating on them are clearly two different things but mediocres like this one, don’t know that. And whenever Angela says she likes Selena’s songs, she goes it like “It’s a lie” lmaoooo girl please. Nothing will please you. Not only that, but how is what Angela thinks, related to whether or not she’s lying??? jfc

Third attempt: failed.

Fourth attempt


Uh oh. Angela never said Selena cheated on Justin. She said neither one of them cheated on each other but if we wanted to come to the conclusion in which the other wasn’t as faithful to the other, it’d be Selena since she was seen being inappropriate with several guys during Jelena. And here’s where she said that. That entire post is talking about Selena’s fans calling Justin a cheater but she didn’t straight out say Selena cheated. She just thinks she did but didn’t say that. 

Fourth attempt: failed… massively. 

Exposing doesn’t mean accusing others of lying. You actually have to show that.

Fifth attempt


God how stupid are you? There are countless times Angela says she doesn’t know everything since Demi and Selena are rarely in Texas. How pathetic of you to accuse someone without actually backing it up.

Fifth attempt: failed.

Sixth attempt

Regarding this post where Angela talks about how every time Justin is seen getting close with another girl, Selena comes back outta nowhere.


Doesn’t matter what Ella and Justin and Caitlin and Justin and Jordan and Justin’s relationship to each other. What the post was about was how every time Justin was seen getting closer with another girl (reported that he did hook up with them or seen kiss them) Selena would come which wasn’t wrong since the dates are right there. RIGHT AFTER Justin is with another girl, Selena pops up. 

Cute how she ignored everything else in the post like Justin’s lyrics calling Selena a conniving bitch and like the Jelena spottings were written by Selena’s team. 



But Selena and Justin haven’t been in contact and that’s just an assumption of yours to make your fave seem like an angel >.> where is your sources for that little girl?

Sixth attempt at exposing: failed….. again….

Seventh attempt

Then she makes excuses for Za shading Selena and tweeting a quote that Selenaexposed tweeted like an hour before and says “you’re just making assumptions”. No little girl. YOU’RE making assumptions by thinking it’s a coincidence. Za has tweeted and instagrammed several different things that proves SE right. ExposingSMG did not use Za as her source but only to back up with SE said and if this idiot knew that, she wouldn’t seem as stupid as she looks.

But c’mon, after failing 7 times to expose someone, you’re already known as stupid. 

Seventh attempt: failed.

Eighth attempt


Um no idiot, the account you checked was the inactive Selenaexposed account… moron. 



Lol idiot


She swear she’s not a fan though! Lmao the funny part is that she can’t prove that the way Angela does. Oh well. We can’t always get what we want.

Eighth attempt: failed.

Ninth attempt




LMAO but she can bash whatever she wants??? Everyone is allowed to have opinions and she actually watched the movie and hated it but said Selena was her favorite since she was the least annoying but clearly YOU don’t know that. I mean you don’t know anything you’re talking about. And Angela used people’s reviews of the movie aka FACTS. Statistics. Something you have never came up with.



Why are you talking about irrelevant points and making excuses??? What Selena did in Spring Breakers is completely irrelevant to exposingsmg… god is it possible for someone to be this stupid 

Ninth attempt: failed

Tenth attempt


Angela never said she canceled her tour to be with Justin you mediocre. She said that she can’t cancel a tour to be with someone because tours are a big deal and she can’t randomly cancel something like that. And then she said she THOUGHT Selena might be seeking rehab and TruthBehindMyIdiocy’s tweet was posted before Angela’s rehab post in which it was confirmed that she was in rehab not only by Angela and her source but my BlindGossip which is a reliable source.


Someone should inform that poor soul that that picture is old and was only posted by Alfredo to help Selena’s team get rid of the rumors that Selena is in rehab since there was speculation even before Angela talked about. Jfc, get your information correct

Tenth attempt: failed

Eleventh attempt



She wasn’t gonna be in rehab all her life…. ya know. 

Eleventh attempt: failed.

Twelfth attempt




Failed… again.

What attempt number are we up too because I lost count??



Who are we gonna believe, a girl who proves she met Pattie or a random Selena fan who thinks Selena can do no wrong?


Ah the delusion. It’s already proven and you’re just making excuses by saying “but Pattie said this about Selena in this interview” but Pattie wasn’t going to say she hates Selena on live television?????


Best friends????? Yeah that’s why they just started hanging out right now for publicity since Selena can’t use Justin and Demi’s career is doing pretty well. This girl is stupid. Selena and Demi haven’t even been friends for the past 4 years and only appeared at events and now when Selena is fading and what better way to stay relevant by going back to your “bestie” whose career is doing well and brainwash idiots like you guys? Lol you all are so stupid I can’t.


Oh so Selena didn’t shade Justin for over a year and get her friends to attack him on Twitter???? The more you know!


Oh so making fun of someone crying on national television, indirectly calling him a dog, implying he cheated, and so much more, is not bullying??? So what is it exactly? Being happy for him???? Oh Selenators and their excuses. 


Funny how it was reported by many people that they got high together AND Demi said that Selena smoked with her when she was 14. 


Deleted everything?? Is that why there’s a post saying she was indeed in rehab? Ugh you’re an idiot. 


Lmaooo there’s a difference between knowing people and being friends with them. Selena is barely friends with anyone but is randomly with certain people at a certain time in their career because she is known to go after those with the highest fame. C’mon, you should know that by now. 


but Angela is constantly saying that Justin is friends with those girls only. Like why are you saying she’s the one who starts everything? Omg you’re so deluded 

Now the funniest part of all of this is that you took it up with Angela herself and she dragged you through shit while you were just bringing irrelevant points and acting as if this is CSI when you didn’t prove anything Angela said wrong. Instead, you wasted everyone’s time who was keeping up with the conversation. It’s a good thing Angela dragged you to hell and back with this.



Well of course you’re her number 1 supporter. You ARE her. Lol talking to yourself is so 2007. It’s so okay though. Luckily for you, Angela doesn’t know about my account, but she might….. if I send it to her on 😉

xoxoxoxo you’rewrongboo 😉


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