Response to “THE NEMI TRUTH.”

This blog post is talking about two stars, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.



Hard to see? Yeah, bullshit is quite hard to read sometimes. Whoa whoa whoa whoa, yourewrongboo, since when do we insult bloggers? Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to be a *bitch*. Let me use facts instead of opinions.

To expose an exposer, you need to use facts and not make excuses. You guys gotta prove it wrong. Not point out irrelevant points. Watch and learn from moi 🙂

My little naive blogger, you say that everyone wants Nemi. That’s not true sweetheart. Coming from a person who spends an awful lot of time on Twitter and all the different fanbases, no one cares about Nemi. Demi’s fans don’t care about her relationship. They care about the music, one of the few fanbases that actually care about the music. If they cared about relationships, Demi and Wilmer will be talked about everyday. But they’re not. This is a little awkward.. we’re starting off on lies by the first sentence :\ Poor you.

I’m not gonna question your uh… haha… “source”. Tell your uh… haha… “source”, I say HELLO 🙂 I’m gonna question your credibility. 

Nick and Demi have been secretly spending time together? That’s a little awkward… we’ve only see them three times in the past two years…. none of which have been personal dates. Just work.








And yes in that order. 


But um… Demi has been working on X-Factor this entire year. The poor girl doesn’t have time for secret meetings. Ya know, since her boyfriend won’t be too fond about that.

If Demi had the TIME to go on secret meetings with Nick Jonas, she would have used that time to work on her new album (where she said she barely worked on here ( ~3:10 if you want the specific time :)~ since she had no time being all caught up with X-Factor and stuff. So she doesn’t have time to go to the studio to work on HER album, explain to me why she has so much time to chat up with Nick Jonas on secret meetings?)

Lol you can kinda feel the awkwardness right now. 

Then you basically blame Demi for the Jonas Brothers breakup. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO girl. Demi hasn’t been near the Jonas Brothers when they announced their breakup. In fact, she wasn’t seen with them since the TCAs way back in August before the Jonas Brothers breakup was announced so I think you should pat yourself on the back because you tried. You failed, but you tried. 

Also, Nick has a girlfriend or whatever he’s doing with that girl. Demi also has a boyfriend. Demi and Nick could not have been secretly hanging out since Demi is needed twice a week on X-Factor and during the rest of the week, she’s doing photoshoots, videoshoots, interviews, and performances. OH and she was promoting her book. Exactly when did Nick fit in between that schedule?

And Kevin and Joe like Demi, hence their healthy relationship especially between Demi and Kevin. 

And with Joe? Lol the guy exposed their weed session and they’re STILL friends. I mean hello


They’re doing WeDay together if you haven’t been informed. Also did I mention that Demi didn’t see the Jonas Brothers anytime since August and now? Why yes I did. 

Then you basically said that Demi wanted to spend time with Nick since Miley and Selena are always busy. LMFAOOOOO girl (again). Demi and Selena aren’t really friends and there’s conflict going on between Miley and Demi right now. Neither one of those 3 are together unless there’s something in for Selena which explains Delena. 


Dms from your source? ExposingSMG taught you! 

Funny how you said Demi threatened to tell that Joe made her smoke weed. And when was this little fight of theirs since they’re good friends even after JOE exposed the weed scenario. YOU said Demi was gonna expose it but JOE EXPOSED IT. Where does that leave you?


Not only did Joe expose that, he also said that MILEY AND DEMI P R E S S U R E D him. So much for Demi exposing it?

But I’m really curious to know when this fight with Joe and Demi started? When they were friends in August or during Demi’s two hours of free time in between her hectic work schedule? At least make it believable and say that this happened at one of the X-Factor shows (even though the 3 of the Jonas Brothers weren’t there) or at Demi’s concert or at the TCAs. Instead, you say at their secret studio meetings in which none are photographed leaving with the other. 


Uh oh… I have a feeling that’s gonna be you when you think about whether or not you wanna dare to write a blog post again full of shit. At least make it SOUND believable.

Quick recap?

Funny how you said they were meeting up secretly and yet there are no sights of them by fans or any photos or any reports or any reports of them being in the same state or any TIME for Demi to be near Nick.

Funny how said that Demi wants to hang out with Nick since Selena and Miley are always busy as if those three are the bestest of friends.

A lot of things are funny… a lot of things.

Also sweetie, you can’t make an expose blog and only have a source to back it up. You have to have solid proof of from whom you’re exposing.For example, ExposingSMG. Never has she had a post where only her source is backed up as proof. Pictures of sightings are included. Interviews to prove relationships between the stars are included. Lyrics to confirm situations. ACTIONS. All you have are… dms. 

Good luck on your next post, but remember





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