Your experience with Miley? Lets not start an exposing blog with lies now.

It’s quite said that you’re a wannabe exposingsmg but what’s even sadder is that you’re starting off your expose blog by lying.

Writing an experience saying you met Miley with no actual proof to back it up but a m&g photo THAT ANYONE CAN FIND ON GOOGLE, is quite sad.

Firstly, ALL of your first posts were wrong as I proven on this blog. And now you randomly come up with an “expierence”.

Funny because I found your personal account and you HATE Miley and think that she’s a stupid whore. I don’t wanna expose your username too fast because I wanna have fun with knowing your account.


Aw look at you agreeing to what that idiot said. Funny because Miley is like the only celebrity who HASN’T dissed Justin.


Clearly, you’re just doing this out of spite because you’re… well god knows what’s wrong with you.

So no, a few years ago you would not have supported her if you didn’t have this imaginary experience because you claim that she has become crazy and ruined everything. And when talking about your dislike with Miley with that girl, you would have surely brought up your experience… if it was true.

Your psychotic ass then goes and uses this video as your proof of her being rude. LMFAOOOOOOOO. Girl. Clearly, in the video, you see this weirdo calling Miley, ugly, stupid, and whatever else. She wasn’t gonna stop and take pictures and give autographs to a psychopath. And before he insulted her, she was like “Hi, how are you” to a fan. LIKE LMFAO WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE to anything with putting that video. And I actually love that video since I use it to laugh because that guy sounds so pathetic.

Your next video as evidence was this, which is pathetic on your part because you’re completely uneducated on that Miley week. Firstly, she had NO time to say hi to anyone because that was the week that she was like on zero sleep. She was flying for one city to another in one night. That was the week We Can’t Stop was getting released so she was going all over the world. She waved to the fans she couldn’t meet because she had to get inside to GMA…. to MEET FANS when she had time



Yes you should feel stupid. You didn’t even mention that when using that day as proof LMFAO.

And how is this, her being rude to fans? It was ONE fan and she took the photo with her but told her to hurry up because her friends were gonna get pissed? Um, last I checked, celebrities aren’t supposed to have a 10 hour conversation with you. SHE TOOK THE PHOTO. What else do you want? A check? Her house? Seriously.

And this, she stopped to talk with the two little girls. She didn’t take a photo with them because they DIDN’T ASK, but she stopped to talk to them like what else is she supposed to do? She’s hanging out with her friends. She doesn’t need to spend 10 minutes with each fan. She still talked to the fans like seriously, you’re pathetic.

Your proof isn’t even weak because there’s no proof to begin with. Your post just shows you’re desperate for a post.

And celebrities have been rude at least 3 times when stopped for photos. In the end, they wanna live their life. At least with Miley, it’s not a constant thing.

Miley is one of those celebrities that would do anything for her fans I mean look at the way she talks about them



Like seriously. And she actually looks like she has emotions when meeting fans


f (2)

f (3)

And actually, these upcoming photos, are taken by a fan who was there and said that Miley came out in the rain to meet them and was talking to every single fan there

1 2 3 4

Yeah.. look at your post against mine.



I mean


but you can keep up this useless blog of yours as I will keep mine.

What’s your next post gonna be? MILEY AT THE VMAS? LMAOOO.






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