I’m not ExposingSMG but nice try. I just wanted to have this blog because I wanted to show you how I, some random fan of Miley’s and others, could easily prove you wrong. Now imagine what an owner of an entire expose blog can do. Yeah.

Firstly, ExposingSMG isn’t even overly biased if she never lies about anything that happens and always includes proof, plus gives credit where credit is due. 

Don’t start contradicting yourself by saying that ExposingSMG talks about Selena’s teeth and looks and then go on to say you’re not one to talk about looks and then go on to throw shade at Miley’s looks by saying she lacks it in the looks department. 

Hun, this is Miley


and this is Selena


Don’t say Miley lacks in the looks department when she doesn’t have greasy skin, or greasy hair, or yellow fucking teeth. 


Selena’s teeth is brought up on ExposingSMG’s by the hundreds of people who ask her questions since she ain’t a flop like your ass. I would know since I stalk her page because I’m a fan of her account and I talked to her on kik. That’s the only time Selena’s teeth come up and you knowing that means that your ass stalks her account as well. 

And talk about yourself bitch when saying ‘when you run an exposing blog, not everything will be 100% correct’. LMFAO SIS, YOU’RE NOT EXPOSING IF YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT’S OBVIOUS AND THAT NO ONE FUCKING CARES ABOUT.

NOT you framing Miley for saying that she wrote Wrecking Ball when she didn’t; and then you try to make it sound like she did.

NOT you talking about drug abuse when Miley is only seen doing  WEED, something everyone fucking does.

NOT you talking about as if not knowing a One Direction song is a big deal.

NOT you talking about fake information and accusing Miley of being kicked out of Hotel Transylvania.

None of this shit is exposing nor is it entertaining, nor is it even accurately true.

You wanna ask ExposingSMG anything about the Demi, Nick, Miley, Justin, alcohol, Charity, fans, issue???? Go ahead sis! She’ll provide your ass with videos and pictures and actual proof you try hard. 

And Selenaexposed isn’t even their source. Selenaexposed has been useless for like 3 months right now and the exposed topic still exists. And what kind of predictable selena standard type of comeback when you’re talking shit about the voicemail but ExposingSMG, someone who was here before selenaexposed, NEVER promised it. You basically said that I’m right because “exposing is not 100% true” and then went on to say I’m wrong when you can’t deny facts sweetheart. 

ExposingSMG is the first Selena expose blog so yes bitch, they are the first blog to expose her. 

AND lmfaoooooo, how ya gonna say that this


is ExposingSMG when they don’t know you exist???? It’s been ME the whole time hun. That’s not my account but thanks for being too overly delusional to think that you and your flop account, actually matter around here. 

And the only reason I brought up Selena fucking a minor, was to deal with your psychotic story of how Miley was kicked out of the movie for being too scandalous. HUN, Miley has been scandalous since her ass was 14 so nothing she does should surprise anyone.

Miley dating someone who was 5 years older than her when she was 15, isn’t a big deal if all you see them doing is WALKING together. You don’t see shit like this from a bitch who says she wants to be a role model



And her parents approved of him, Justin Gaston, since he was a family friend.  

And since when are you surprised that Miley gave that old dude a lap dance? LMFAOOO AS IF EVERY OTHER STAR HASN’T BEEN CAUGHT GIVING A LAP DANCE. 

Really looking forward to your next post



also, remember that time you said you don’t know who ExposingSMG was on ask? LMFAO. Funny because you used THEIR reaction picture, THEIR name, THEIR website for proving song writers, and then went on to explain about how they’re a copy of Selenaexposed even though they were here before. Remember? Fun times right 🙂 And oh, then you went on to delete it along with the thousand other questions *I* sent you because you didn’t have a reply to them. 

Oh and remember that time you asked yourself questions


Or how about this


LMFAOOO GIRL, Miley is like one of the few celebrities to not get accused of being fake to her fans because that’s just an argument you can’t win. 

Hopefully you keep this blog going and won’t shut it down when these following accounts find you:










and whoever else out there that can and will drag your ass.

Have fun! 



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