“Miley was kicked out of Hotel Transylvania”

No Miley was not kicked out of Hotel Transylvania. And you saying that she was kicked out for these photos, is just bullshit for many reasons that I will go on to explain. 





Hotel Transylvania has been in production since 2006 and Miley got the part in late 2011 which was when SEVERAL Miley scandals took place. Therefore her joking around with a penis cake at her boyfriend’s birthday party, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

The real reason she LEFT Hotel Transylvania was because she didn’t want to work on acting anymore since she hates it (said in 2013). She wanted all of 2012 to be focused on MUSIC. That’s when the writing and recording began for Bangerz. And Miley herself said that she doesn’t want to go back to acting ever again. And 2012 was the year LOL was coming out and that was scraped for a limited release as was So Undercover so Miley didn’t want to go through the process of promoting and dealing with Hotel Transylvania when all she wanted to focus on during 2012, was her pilates, music, and dogs. Sony Pic­tures Ani­ma­tion, the pro­duc­tion stu­dio, said they don’t want to comment on why Miley LEFT the movie which implies that Miley chose the decision to leave. It doesn’t say “Sony Pic­tures Ani­ma­tion, the pro­duc­tion stu­dio, wouldn’t comment on why they kicked Cyrus out of the movie.”

So my sweet darling, you shouldn’t be talking shit about something you know nothing about. 

And anyways, Miley’s replacement was Selena Gomez who in 2011, wasn’t exactly a saint when compared to Miley. Selena got the role in Feb. 2012 so all of these upcoming events, were in 2011 


Yeah looking at that makes Miley and the penis cake seem like not a big deal.

SO, if you are saying that Miley got kicked out Hotel Transylvania thanks to those penis cake photos, then surely her replacement wouldn’t be Selena Gomez, someone who was fucking a minor. 

ooo kill em. 



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