“Is Mileys drug addiction spiraling out of control?”

Um firstly, you shouldn’t be calling Miley a drug addict when she’s perfectly stable.

She’s happy and you don’t see her looking like a coke addict anywhere. You don’t see her being carried out drunk out of a club and you don’t see her getting stopped by the police and getting searched for drugs.

She’s not “caught” doing drugs if her ass is posting pictures of getting high and is doing it out in the open like almost every celebrity does.

Also, no one should be bringing up the fact that Miley does weed and ecstasy when almost every celebrity does worse. Hey, at least she admits to it and doesn’t hide it like some people. And at least she knows how to handle herself when doing things like this.

And this

doesn’t mean anything. When people grow up, they change almost their outlook on everything. Saying you’ll never do and drugs and then actually doing it, isn’t a big deal. Pretty sure everyone have said they will never do something and then actually went out and did it.

Lol these poor losers and them running out of ideas to write about.


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